Tau & Kroot Infantry


These were my first attempt to really paint carefully and do some simple highlights. These took me for ever, as I paid attention to every detail and corrected all mistakes at the time they were made. The hardest thing for me was doing their badges but it was worth the effort. I had done a small battleforce for competition sometime ago and managed to come first in it.

Note: The Epicomms competition still runs every year, for more info on the competition and other epic events check out www.epic40k.co.uk


The Pathfinders were really easy to paint after my attempt at the Firewarriors. Unfortunately I always seem to slow down when painting large amounts of troops so I am trying to do some more with some other stuff in between, otherwise I will never get them done.


Very easy to break these guys but very nice nevertheless. The colours used were:

  • Catachan green was perfect for the main body.
  • Scorched brown was for the leather with snakebite leather for highlights.
  • Scab red was used for scratches on the body and a light brush of bleached bone was used to highlight the details.
  • The quills had black with bleached bone strands on them. The main gun had bolt gun metal with mythril silver as the highlight.

When you get a clean cast its amazing the amount of detail you get on such a small figure. Even with the details it quite a nice miniature to paint.

Tau & Kroot Support



Being no different from the Broadsides I did enjoy painting them though I still found that my favourite were the railgun weapon suits. The poses are just excellent and make this army even more characteristic because they look like an army in action.


These I really enjoy painting as these were easy and reasonably easy to play around with. For my first attempt I was really pleased with them and find these are one of my favourite units.

Krootox and Hounds

These were painted using the same scheme as the Kroot infantry and seemed quite quick to paint up considering I am a slow painter. The hounds I found hard to get right but maybe the next few units will turn out better.