Its very hard to pick a favourite race in the 40k Universe so I decided at the beginning that I would get as much of the different armies as possible so that I didn’t have to choose.

For the moment the Tau have been my main project because they were new at the time and also they were a range that had amazing detail considering how small they were.

For me these miniatures motivated me to improve on my painting skills although nothing exceptional has been done. These were just the first miniatures I paid attention to detail with and from that point onwards most of my painting changed to that way of painting.

I didn’t do any blending or shading but rather kept it simple and neat. A few highlights here and there but that’s about it.

The colours used are as follows:

  • Scab Red
  • Chaos Black –undercoat and weapons
  • Vomit Brown - Main colour
  • Vermin Brown – Camo
  • Scab red – secondary colour to break up the main colour
  • Blood red
  • Skull white
  • Codex grey for highlights
  • Bleached Bone for highlights

For the Bases :

  • Chaos Black
  • Codex Grey
  • Fortress Grey
  • Scorched Brown
  • Snake leather

Tau Air Units

I started off with the fliers to see how they would turn out and followed that scheme through onto the Infantry.



I didn’t try any shading as I am not that good at it and decided that remaining simple was the best way. I also looked to try and improve my basing which I thought was awful on my previously stands of Tyranids which I will have to change at some point.


Tau Vehicles



Hammerhead with Ion Cannon


A nice model and fairly simple to paint up, and the casting was excellent. I would recommend these!


Not the easiest to paint due to the many nooks and crannies it has. Though still a nice little model. The casting on this was immaculate!! Very impressive for a model this scale.


The vehicles are quite easy to paint up, though sometimes the casting is a little strange where there is a casting line and whats more either side of the line isn’t always lined up.