Here I did the same again as the Rhinos and the Razorbacks, so not much difference.



Using the idea I had used for the vehicles I thought that it would be good to stick to that and as it happens in a picture of a small Ravenguard force a dreadnought was included that was painted similar to what U have above. I tried to keep it simple and simple Chaos blacked the undercoat with Black Ink over it. I painted certain bits of the weapons Boltgun Metal including bits from the claws themselves. The exhausts at the back were painted Boltgun Metal on the tops only. Shoulder pad were skull white using two light coats and then drybrushing a very very little bit of black ink to dirty the white and then light drybrushing of Boltgun metal all over the mini including the white pads. I also used the Black Grey for highlighting further.

Bikes & Attack Bikes

These follow the same lines as the Chaplain on the bike mentioned below.

Chaplain on Bike

The bike itself remained the same as other vehicles with more Boltgun Metal drybrushing, the chaplain himself has Skull White shoulder pads with Black ink drybrushed on them. The saddle bags are Scorched Brown with Bestial Brown highlights. The weapon is Shining Gold with Brown Ink, the skull mask Skull white which was drybrushed on and then drybrushed a little with Bleached Bone. The honours were for the rose like head Scab Red with Blood Red highlighting.

The main scroll parchment for the honours are Bestial Brown, Vermin Brown and Bleached Bone. Then finally a little Scorched Brown on the tires for mud.

Thats all for now but I hope you enjoyed the read.