Tactical Detachment

Once the undercoat was dried I painted the eyes first, not sure if you can see bits from the eyes in the photo below but I used Blood Red so that they stood out. I am not that good that I can do a dark red then highlight it especially at that size.

After that I used Blood Red for the shoulder pads and Boltgun Metal for the front of the sergeant’s armour and eye piece and the weapons. Mithril Silver was used to highlight the weapons slightly. Codex Grey or in my case Black Grey was used to highlight the black armour and then black ink was used as a wash and also to tidy up the grey highlights that looked too thick…. I would say its down to personal preferences. Apparently, in background fluff as the marines grow older they take on their Primarchs likeness in the form of pale skin and black hair. I didn’t follow that but as I was painting away at the faces I thought that the individual marines would take a while before the genes take over facial features so I didn’t think it would make a difference for the Tacticals. The face was painted Dark Flesh, Dwarf Flesh then Elf Flesh with a watered down wash of Flesh Wash. The hair was Bestial Brown.


Similar to the other infantry I kept it simple but also consistent with what I had for the dreadnoughts. Chaos Black with a Black Ink wash, Skull White shoulder pads with drybrushed Black Ink over them and Boltgun Metal for weapons. Black Grey was used for highlighting the armour and Black Ink again used to tidy up the lines.

Assault Marines

Similar to the Tactical marines. I made sure that the squad leaders had white helmets and also the eyes were carefully painted in using Blood Red. Blood Red for the edges of the shoulder pads. Boltgun Metal for the straps on the front of the armour, boltguns and the sword with Mithril silver for highlights on all. As for the newer pictures for Ravenguard showed assault marines with little Xs on the top of their jet packs I thought I would do the same which wasn’t as easy as I thought.



The accompanying Rhinos were Chaos black then a coat of black ink, with Boltgun Metal tracks and drybrushed with Beaten Copper to make the bottom of the rhinos look like they show signs of rust. I also thought that as the Ravenguard get into the thick of fights and quick assaults, I would lightly drybrushed the rhinos with Boltgun Metal to hopefully give the impression that they had been well used. Only the tops of the exhausts and barrels of the bolter were painted the Boltgun Metal rather that all of it. That was merely what the newer pictures had themselves. Black Grey (codex grey equivalent) was used then to highlight the edges very thinly with black ink used to tidy it up. I didn’t want the grey lines to be too thick. Finally the lights were Blood Red and Leprous Brown. Then after that I decided to add a few scraped patches of paint using Boltgun Metal again.


These are pretty much the same as the rhinos. I tried to keep the colours of the weapons consistent with how I painted the bolter on the rhinos. The Black Ink wash was used again to tidy up the grey highlights that were used and the drybrushing of Boltgun metal can be seen here to emphasise the well used look especially since plain black needed to be made a little more interesting.


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