I had always thought I would paint the Black Templars at some point as they have some really nice miniatures out, but as Fanatic asked if a group of us could paint a set force of Ravenguard I thought I would look more into the chapter and find out what their colours were apart from just black.

Most of the veterans and commanders have some white on their armour whether it may be a white helmet or shoulder pads. In my case I was going to use shoulder pads or helmets to show either commanders or veterans present. Any squad leader had a white helmet, with the exception of my force commander who seemed to look awful when the helmet was white so that remained black. Dreadnoughts had white shoulders as they were veterans and for that particular force it didn’t seem too bad.

So lets see, in older articles the main colour was black with the backpacks being silver either side of the main body of the backpack. Apart from Black and silver there wasn’t much else except for highlights and being 40k models the eyes were painted red and insignia transfers put on.

In the new Space Marine codex and also the book How to paint Space Marines the colours have changed ever so slightly. The new versions do not have the silver trims on their backpacks, for Assault marines their left shoulder pad if you face them is red. Veterans are marked with white armoured parts, such as helmets and shoulder pads. Obviously highlights are present using codex grey and eyes being painted red. Other than a few pictures of small limited forces its really hard to find out what say the Devastator detachment would look like. I know that based on background Ravenguard are swift taking little heavy armour because their chapter couldn’t support that way of conflict in the ways other marine chapters could so for the moment I will stick to what I have painted and when I expand the force to maybe chapter size then I can share that as well and hope that I get the balance right.

First off the colours I used were:

  • Chaos Black Brown ink
  • Black Ink Vermin Brown
  • Black Grey( Vallejo version of Codex Grey) Dark Flesh
  • Boltgun Metal Dwarf Flesh
  • Scorched Brown Elf Flesh
  • Bestial Brown Flesh Wash
  • Graveyard Earth
  • Bubonic Brown
  • Bleached Bone
  • Blood Red
  • Scab Red
  • Skull White
  • Beaten Copper
  • Mithril Silver
  • Leprous Brown
  • Shining Gold
  • Brown Ink
  • Vermin Brown
  • Dark Flesh
  • Dwarf Flesh
  • Elf Flesh
  • Flesh Wash


I used GW spray can of Chaos Black which also meant I didn’t need to have a couple of coats and as I was careful not to smother the units too much I kept the detail of the minis to ensure the results would be as good as I could get them. I was luckily in that there weren’t many bits to file down and I think only the skull white for the commanders helmet showed signs of maybe the helmet looking not so clean for a cast. To me it looked slightly deformed, though it didn’t show up using black.



Command Stand

The commander in the middle I kept simple. Chaos Black with Boltgun Metal parts only here and there. Eyes were painted Blood Red and Skull White shoulder pads with a hint of Black Ink. The cloak and armour were then highlighted using Black Grey and then tidied up using Black Ink. I had originally painted the helmet White but it didn’t compliment the sculpt of the helmet in any way and looked more deformed than anything else so it was repainted black.

The Medic: I looked around in various books to see how the new medics were painted. There are few now that have the all white appearance so I used that to my advantage to minimize how much he should stand out. I followed the Ultramarine medic pictures from the how to paint Space Marines book and adapted it to the Ravenguard medic. The Imperial Eagle breastplate was Shining Gold with Brown Ink, the main body Chaos Black, Black Ink and then Black Grey for highlights. Skull White shoulder pads and Skull white retrieving/administering equipment on his arm. Blood Red was used for anything that looked like controls and also for the lights on various pieces of equipment. Face was Dark Flesh, Dwarf Flesh, Elf Flesh followed by a watered wash of Flesh wash and topped off with Chaos Black Hair.

The Chaplain is exactly the same as my Chaplain on the bike so take a look at him for a quick description..

The Techmarine was two coats of Blood Red with Brown ink. The arm was Chaos Black with Boltgun Metal to break it up. The axe which you can really see is Shining Gold and Brown Ink with Boltgun Metal axehead which is highlighted with Mithril Silver.

By the way the Black bolters with Boltgun Metal bits were drybrushed with a little Boltgun Metal to give the well used affect.

The Banner Marine, usual black with Black Grey highlights, Skull White shoulder pads and the banner Skull White with the edge of the flag coated with a little Brown Ink. There wasn’t any banners for Ravenguard and I also noticed that although some pictures looked like the Ravenguard had transfers on their shoulders I couldn’t find them either so I finally used a black art pen to draw the Raven on the Banner. I practiced first on paper within small boxes the equivalent size of the flag to ensure I got the scale correct. Eventually when I thought I couldn’t practice anymore I tried on the banner. I did get it wrong the first time but on the second go it seemed good enough to leave because my practice runs were the same. With the banner sculpted as moving it was quite hard to draw the Raven in the same way as when I did it on a flat piece of paper. Still practice does make perfect and I am really happy with how it turned out.

Infantry bases were:

  • Gravel like sand GW sells glued on
  • Chaos Black Undercoat
  • Scorched Brown
  • Drybrushed Bubonic Brown
  • Drybrushed Graveyard Earth
  • Drybrushed Bleached Bone
  • Static grass glued on.

The colour of the bases didn’t seem so dark with the Ravenguard so for me they went quite well together.

One note: if anyone has an idea of how a Ravenguard army should look like in Epic let me know. I am really interested, based on fluff how they would be fielded and if there would be limitations that could be applied on an epic scale as well as their 40k counterparts.