Specialist Games - A website dedicated to the support of games like Epic Armageddon, Inquisitor, BFG etc. Here you will find downloads, playtesting lists, forums for the relevant game you are after.


Dropship 40000 - A website run by Carl Woodrow. On this site there are reviews, tips and really paint jobs, more for the Epic Hobby though he does have 40k models shown as well. Really worth a look.


Mercenary Brush - Run by Paul Townsend, this guy is a total painting nut. Apart from painting my Dark Realm Miniatures, he loves a painting/modelling challenge and has a great site to show off his work. He won the Fanatic award 2004 for a great 6mm piece which included Logan Grimnar, and has other amazing conversion work, check his site out.


The Epicentre - Home of the Netepic group. Here you can find the rules for Netepic for downloading, along with other rules sets. This site also has a collection of articles submitted by fans and has its very own Ezine 'Incoming'. - Its forums (Epicomms) cater for all sorts of gaming discussions of different scales as well as general topics and now has some threads for the playtesting of rules for Epic Armageddon. This site also features the annual Epic Painting Competition as well as its own galleries, so do drop by!


The Epic Lounge - A site dedicated to 6mm and BFG. It has loads of articles ranging from photography to painting tips.


Felix's Gaming Pages - The site has lots of galleries, reviews, daily blog and regular newsletter updates on whats happening at Forgeworld.


Epicollector - This site has many pictures of the models from the Epic range.


De'Aynes Gallery - A great gallery featuring all models from the Epic range. These pictures have been submitted by Epic Fans and aim, hopefully is to have pictures of every single model possible made by Gamesworkshop for Epic in its various incarnations.


Stuff of Legends - A great resource featuring as much information as possible that was released by Gamesworkshop. Great for collectors who need to find something.


Bobby Wong - A cool website featuring some of his work. My favourite is the 6mm Ultramarines, which has so much details its unreal.


Markco's Epic Pages - This website has galleries, game reports for Epic40k and Epic Armageddon.