I have always wanted to put my work up on to a website for ages, and I have finally managed to do exactly that. Here I can show you what I do in my spare time regarding Epic and other Gamesworkshop games. On this site you will be able to see what I have painted up and the collections I have acquired over the last few years. Plus you get to see what other miniature projects I am up to includes my own 6mm range. I would like to say a quick thankyou to all those helping out put this website together, you know who you are.

Note: I will be increasing the amount of articles real soon, so I apologise for the lack of content, it will not be for long!!

For the Emperor!


For the Greater Good!

Assault Marines

A set of Space Marines get a lick of paint in the colours of Ravenguard. Read more...

Broadside Battlesuit

The Tau army from Forgeworld have always been one of my favourites. We take a look at what I have painted so far. More…

Paul Sawyer's Orks


Gamesday Gallery


Paul Sawyers army on the block on Ebay. I couldn’t pass up the offer and had to get it. You can see the whole army here...

Although its long gone, I have put up the few Gamesday 2005 pictures that did turn out ok up in the galleries.

Dark Realm Minis


Dark Realm Pics


One of the many projects I am busy with, my own 6mm miniatures, for more take a look…

The Mercenary Brush helps out by painting up some display models. More…


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